Love by Jade Glow Face Serum

Don’t you just love it when you stumble upon a true gem…. or in this case they reach out to you & offer to gift you a product to try? (With no obligations) This glow serum from Love by Jade is one of those gems. With Plum & prickly pear seed oil, derived from the seeds of the Barbary Fig Cactus, this premium ingredient takes over 1 million seeds and more than 40 hours of manual labor to produce a single bottle of this powerful vitamin and nutrient rich oil. This potent oil is extremely high in essential fatty acids, omega 6, omega 9 and the natural antioxidant vitamin E. In addition It also helps to brighten under-eye dark circles due to its vitamin K content.

– this gorgeous oil serum really does provide immediately glow that isn’t greasy & doesn’t make you look oily. It feels great, smells lovely & since a little goes such a long way, I’ve found that it looks totally gorgeous on my legs…and anywhere on the body too. I just love this stunning creation! And I wanted to get this post out now b/c I noticed via their Instagram page today that they are having a 4th of July Sale…and it’s 40% off!! Just Use Code: 4TH40 at checkout! Shop Love by Jade

Save 40% code: 4TH40 at checkout


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*product gifted by Love by Jade

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