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Hi friends! I have been so busy creating content I haven’t made a blog post in a bit (but you can always find my reviews on: Instagram). This week on the gram I did a fragrance feature where I spotlighted 4 fragrances new or new to me in different price ranges.

I’m going to begin with the one I’m most excited about, that just dropped & is a Limited Release.. (in other words.. don’t sleep on this one). DedCool x YTTP Cosmic Release -a super cool collab between [one of my very favorite fragrance brands ever] DedCool & the amazing skin care brand, Youth to the People. I love both of these brands so much there was no way I wasn’t getting my hands on it immediately!

Check out my unboxing!

DedCool & Youth to the People, both Los Angeles-based brands, have created an herbaceous, ethereal, unisex fragrance aptly named Cosmic Release. It is a limited-edition collaboration that took two years to create and is the brainchild of Youth to the People co-founder Greg Gonzales and DedCool creator Carina Chaz. What evolved is an expressive Eau de parfum that blends both brands in to a fragrance for all! It’s floral, herbal & woody and completely cool!





$100 Shop Cosmic Release

* this product was purchased by me

Pacifica Neon Moon 🌙

Next up I have a fragrance by another brand I adore, Pacifica. This is a part of the currently trending Moon Moods collection (7 in total) and has a somewhat similar scent vibe & profile as the last but will only set you back 22 bucks! Plus, how cool is the bottle? ..Not to mention at that price point you can feel better about a blind buy or trying multiple moon scents at once!

Check its beauty in action

-Sandalwood, jasmine and smoky cardamom evoke a sense of mystery and fluidity; A bold, gender-neutral aroma with enigmatic floral notes and grounding earth notes.
The Moon Meaning: Full Moon. Mysterious, alluring and breathtaking.
The Moon Mood: Fluidity. Energetic Sandalwood, Luscious Jasmine, Covetable Smoky cardamom.

  • Notes: an alluring, statement-making blend of sandalwood, jasmine and smoky cardamom
  • Inspired by the breathtaking full moon, symbolic of change and fluidity
  • Formulated without phthalates, parabens, propylene glycol, polycyclic musks, nitromusks and our extensive No List
  • Made in the USA with global ingredients
  • 100% vegan and cruelty-free

Shop Neon Moon


*product pr gifted

Next up….

Maison Margiela Matcha Meditation

Now I’m going to switch it up a bit with a fragrance that’s really quite different than scents I am typically drawn to, so much so that I didn’t even like it at first.. but it grew on me so much that now I can’t stop reaching for it! I am typically a fan of scents that lean toward earthy, woody, mossy… cedar, Oud… fresh even. I like scents that are often sharp, peppery, peculiar even, but sweet.. that’s very tricky for me. If there is a sweetness in a fragrance it typically needs to be balanced out with something eccentric..or boozy. Something dark to balance it out. So immediately on spraying this scent I detected the sweetness.. the jasmine seemed too sweet, cloying even. I found the white chocolate.. it was a cool journey but not my cup of green tea.. weeks later while creating content I spritzed it again several times and found throughout the day I kept getting whiffs of something and was trying to find it…needless to say I realized what it was and spritzed my wrist again. In the dry down I found the matcha & a bit of mossy, cedar mixed in. It’s unique & more complex than I had initially thought. I couldn’t stop sniffing my wrist. I found the scent really comes to life directly out of the shower or bath. It really is matcha & I think any matcha fan will love it

Matcha Meditation

*pr gifted


And last but not least..

Ellis Brookly Bee

…a fragrance brand I love so much, Ellis Brooklyn. Bee’ is honey, but elevated.

It’s Dripping with honey, warmed with dark rum, and loaded with the addictive notes of vanilla bean, sandalwood and cocoa absolute. It’s for those that love warm and spicy scents and the kind of fragrance where you can’t stop smelling yourself. I love honey and the way they warm it up further without making it overtly sweet is what makes it so special. Any honey lover will love this.

Dark Rum, Davana
Honey, Bran Absolute, Cinnamon
Sandalwood, Vanilla Bean, Cocoa Absolute

$32(shown) – $105

Shop Bee

*pr gifted

So.. which will you be picking up?

All fragrances are linked here —–> Fragrance Feature

*contains pr & affiliate links

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  1. Rossy Galaxy

    These all sound great! I’ll have to check out the Pacifica ones.

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    1. kelifornia79

      You seriously can’t go wrong there!

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