Play! by Sephora September 2016

Beauties; I have for you, the Play! by Sephora subscription box!   This is my 5th month with this sub, which has a different theme or focus each month.  This month’s being: Anything but Ordinary; The unbasic basics.  An anything but ordinary assortment of hair, makeup and skincare must haves. 

Here’s the lowdown:

Play! by Sephora

The beauty subscription box that brings you the best of it.

Each month, you’ll look forward to:

A curation of five deluxe samples handpicked from Sephora shelves (plus a fragrance bonus) all in a collectible bag – for just $10.00 (ships free) US only

Tips, Tricks, how-tos and beauty advice to get the most out of your products.

Free one-on-one tutorials and subscriber meet ups in your local Sephora.

September Theme:

The UNBasic Basics


September Bag:


The Goods:


Sephora Collection Rouge Shine Lipstick in Love Spell:  Deluxe Mini.  Full Size $12.50

While I would not say the name or description necessarily fits this product perfectly; I like it.  I expected intense and really shiny, but I think it’s more like a lip color balm/treatments (with a bit more pigment)  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad about it, I love it, just expected something different and others may too.  The not so fall shade, which I would describe as an orchid pink, is pigmented, smooth, but not too intense and works perfectly on not so perfect lips.  I personally love the shade as it looks perfect with my cooler toned skin and ultra cool toned blonde hair.  It’s a great every day lip color for me which is great b/c I know I’m about to be bombarded with reds and other deep shades that I’ll rarely use.



A closer look and a swatch


Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Protector:  Deluxe Sample.  Full Size $28.00

This is an overnight hair mask designed to be worked through damp (or dry hair) prior to sleep which can either be washed out come morning, or left in.  It’s benefits are supposed to last through one week or 5 washes.  It sounds pretty intensive, lasting 5 washes, and because I just had my roots and toning touched up, I figured it would be the perfect time to try it out.  I put mine on dry hair b/c I do not go to bed with damp hair.  I used quite a bit putting extra on my ends and it was a little better come morning, a little softer and slightly more manageable; I definitely expected more though…for a treatment that supposedly lasts through 5 washes.  I feel like I get better results just adding a dab of Moroccanoil.  I will finish the tube but I will not repurchase.  It just didn’t do enough for my hair.


Dr. Jart Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer: Travel Size.  Full Size $36.00

This is a water based moisturizer that provides a burst of hydration designed to plump and boost skin’s appearance with hyaluronic acid.  I love this technology in a moisturizer in which the product almost bursts in to a little splash of water when it hits your skin, (hints the whole ‘water drop’ thing in the name)…tiny little droplets of water.  It’s one of those things you have to feel for yourself.  I like that its light but feels as though it’s giving a good amount of hydration that’s not too heavy on my skin to use during the day.  I’ve been using it for an extra dose of hydration and it seems to be working.  Because hyaluronic acid also helps retain moisture, I figure adding a bit more will help keep my dehydrated skin from producing more oil.


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper:  Deluxe Mini.  Full Size $20.00

This is a waterproof fine brush tipped liquid liner.  I have several of these in both of the available shades which is cool b/c it is one of my favorite liners to use.  This eyeliner ‘type’ is what I use daily and tattoo liner from KVD is one of a few brands/lines I really like.  I prefer the smaller sized versions, such as this too, as I can use them all up before they dry out. I find precision easier with the mini sizes.  The tip is just thin enough for ultra precise wings and more creative eyeliner styles as well.  Plus; it stays put and lasts all day.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel:  Deluxe Mini.  Full Size $22.00

While I love ABH; I own several of these and I just do not use them.  I use plenty of brow products including products to hold them in place all day; but this just doesn’t work too well for me.  I’m sure it is perfect for holding brows in place without making them stiff or sticky..but I have too many sparse areas and when I get the perfect fill, applying this product tends to mess it up, rubbing product away.  I can make it work if I am careful, but for my brow type there are other products that work much better.

The Fragrance Sample:

Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Verte: Sample Vial.  Full Size $29.00-$125.00

Back when I first learned of a beauty launch from Tory Burch; I was excited about it.  Luckily, I received a sample of her first fragrance right when it launched, which saved me from purchasing it for the pretty bottle.  It was just boring to me, something I felt like I had smelled a thousand times before, at any price tag.  I felt the same about this one, it dried down to a simple floral on my skin.  The scent profile sounds lovely, but it’s just so ‘basic’ and while I spend plenty on high end fragrance, I like unique scents and Tori Burch just falls ‘flat’ 😉

The Play Book:


The Play Pass:


(redeem this is any store and receive 50 extra beauty insider points with purchase)

 Any ‘newbies’?  What do you think of Play!(?)

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Thanks for reading!

-Kelli xoxo


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  1. ABeautifulWhim

    I can’t decide if I want another subscription box or not. LOL – this one seems great because it’s always Sephora products but they usually offer deluxe samples right? Not full sized products?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kelifornia79

      You know; I’ve only hung on to this b/c it took so long to get off the wait list and it’s only $10, but I’m not really all that impressed with it. I’d hoped for more, being Sephora, more of the newest cutting edge items. It is nearly always just samples, and small ones. I feel like you get one, maybe two newer items some times and the remaining items are the same samples and point perk items that [I’ve] been receiving for years. If you are an avid Sephora shopper already, it’s kind of overkill. I’m thinking of ditching a few of my subs and trying some newer subs. Bommibox may be good, but I want to give them another month or so, and beauteque, which we have been talking about, they also have a couple beauty subs (aside from their online store) I may try one of. I have a couple newer subs that are sending me a launch box too..I really need to minimize!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ABeautifulWhim

        One time in a sub box – I got an item in June and I looked at the bottom and had a Happy Holidays sticker on it. I was like oh ok…. uh huh… so this is how it works? LOLOLOLL. The only ones I’m getting right now are Glossy and Le Metier De Beaute.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. kelifornia79

        HA! Yes; definitely. Some are worse about that than others too. Oh my. I own several products from La Metier De Beaute but was unaware of a subscription from the brand. Must be pretty pricey?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. ABeautifulWhim

        It wasn’t too bad. I had to pay for the year upfront though and I bought the subscription like 4 months ago. It just started 2 months ago. I think I pay 300 or 325 for the year? But so far, each product is close to 100.00 that arrives. So far so good!


  2. yourfairygodmother

    I got almost the exact same box, other than the Dr Jart moisturizer. I wasn’t wild about the pink lipstick either, given it’s way out of season for something so bright.


    1. kelifornia79

      The Dr Jart was my favorite and it was a pretty big size for Sephora. Did everyone get the same lip shade? I keep reading ‘bright’ my shade isn’t bright at all. It’s like a light orchid pink…it’s definitely a spring summer shade though; which really surprised me, being Sephora! They are usually all about seasons and trends.


      1. yourfairygodmother

        I think most bags are almost identical. My shade isn’t bright either, but it is very pink 🙂


      2. kelifornia79

        They are..I think typically there is one; occasionally two variations with skin care items, based on your skin type.


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