The NEW sun-kissed banana bright primer from Ole Henrikson

Ok, so I have now just become aware that this new take on the og primer is limited edition & according to their site is ‘low inventory’ – I’m hoping this is more of a ‘lets see how well this does’ or ‘summer edit’ type of product b/c If I am using something like this & love it… I am going to want to continue using it and have the ability to repurchase it to keep up with my glow! If you read my ig review ( posted above) I mentioned many positives of this primer but little in the ‘self tan’ arena… well after a bit longer it was visible (and looked great) and it was such an easy way to achieve, then easily keep up that summer glow with little effort. Multitasking is my forte…so getting a self tan in a skincare focused primer is pretty much a dream product, right? If you are seeking that golden glow, that instant gratification & beyond pick it up while you can!

*contains pr/affiliated links

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