Ricky’s NYC Cult Crushes February 2017

Hey Everyone!  It’s time for the next installment of the Ricky’s #CameToCrush Cult Crushes box.  This edition: Lock In Moisture.  Whether it’s your skin, lips or hair seeking moisture, this box has got you covered.  Check it out.



Ricky’s Cult Crushes subscription box gives you the chance to test our hottest brands and products – both classic and new – and learn how to optimize them through exclusive online tutorials lead by influencers we love.

Once you sign up, you are more than just a subscriber – you become a member of the cult – and are treated as a VIP during your online shopping experience. This means you will receive 10% off all online purchases and receive free shipping on purchases of $50 or more.

So, the next time you’re in the mirror creating a look to match your mood you can pull out our how–to kits to help you get there. This way you’re ready to step out confidently, strut your stuff and say you #CameToCrush.  (Description courtesy of Ricky’s site)

Want your own?

Ricky’s Cult Crushes is a monthly beauty box subscription.  The cost for this box is $11.00 per month, which you will be auto billed for toward the beginning of each month.  In my experience (thus far) it appears that there will be 5 products in each box that make up a kit, or specific theme.  The themes from Nov-Jan have consisted of: ‘The Perfect Lip’, a box consisting of products to prep, plump and create the perfect lip look, a glitzy box containing items to create a full on glam, party look and this month’s box, ‘Classic Cat Eye’ which contains everything you will need to create just that.

Sign up.

The Box:


Lock in Moisture

The Goods:


Nügg Face Mask in Soothing: 1 single pod $3.99

I love these little wash off mask packs from nügg.  This version is designed to intensely soothe, balance & hydrate troubled or sensitive skin and leave it soft & smooth.  This mask is great for reddened skin that’s under stress.  Simply spread on skin, leave on for about 10 -15 minutes and wash off.  This is a great AM mask type for me.


  Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cream:  Deluxe Mini.  Full size $55.00

Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cream is a soothing, comforting, super light-weight, yet very hydrating cream that works well, even on very sensitive skin.  This product was formulated to rescue skin from external aggressors like harsh weather and provide comfort after dermatological procedures and surgeries and to calm and soothe seriously stressed skin with irritation and inflammation.  I’ve used and own Asian beauty brand cloud creams, so I was already familiar with the product type.  Skyn Iceland makes some great products and this is one of them.  The texture of ‘cloud cream’ is somewhat unique and a bit hard to explain, to differentiate it from a typical moisturizer…but it is so light and airy feeling, with instant water like moisturizing.  It feels very cool and soothing on your skin and I love it when mine is irritated…which is most of the time :/

and… it is free of parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, chemical sulfates and phthalates. 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Dermatologist tested for sensitive skin.


Lipsmart:  Foil Packet.  Full Size $30.00

This lip treatment is designed to moisturize, hydrate & combat signs of aging while plumping lips naturally without irritation. LipSmart contains a patented bio-active fusion of naturally occurring amino acids clinically proven to plump up your lips while improving contour and definition.  While I certainly have not noticed any ‘plumping’ or improved anything else within the time frame I’ve used this small packet, it has worked really well to smooth up and hydrate my dry, chapped lips, post Tahoe 🙂


Phytocitrus Hair Mask: $14.00

This hair mask uses a blend of citrus fruits and proteins to lock in color, reconstruct the hair fiber and boost radiance and shine.  It’s hard to say, from my perspective, how this product performs in the color protecting aspect; I’ve only used it once and only have my hair toned.  Because I get it done every 6 weeks and wash it once a week with purple shampoo, I never have any issues losing my toned shade, or becoming brassy as is.  As for the other components of this product it did help with the condition of my hair a bit, making it softer and appearing healthier than it actually is.  I own another hair treatment from this brand, of the leave-in variety, that I like as well.


Ricky Care N0-Crease Bow Clips:  $6.99

These cute little bow clips were designed to hold hair back while applying makeup (or masking products) in a way that will not leave any dents or creases in your hair.  Simple, cute & functional.

This was not the most exciting box but I’ve been using the little clips, really love the cloud cream and I can always use another nügg mask.  I feel like this beauty sub is a bit unique in comparison to the many others I currently receive and have received in the past.  I enjoy the themes and am always curious what the next one will be.  For only $11.00 a month I think it’s totally worth it for anyone considering this box.

Well; what do you think about Ricky’s NYC’s contribution to the beauty sub world?  Who’s crushing?!

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  1. Everything EmmZeeBee Blog

    Nice selection 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kathylcsw

    This looks like a good subscription service. Birchbox hasn’t been wowing me lately so maybe I need to cancel and try this one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kelifornia79

      It’s only a buck more! but yea, once Birchbox took the incentives away, I stuck with them a while, but finally canceled in October, I believe. I was a subscriber for many years though. Problem with birchbox is, they just do not seem to get a lot of new products in..so when you are a subscriber for a long time you seem to keep seeing the same things. :/

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hippylip

        Omg!! I didn’t even know Ricky’s had a sub!! This is awesome. This is a pretty good deal too. My husband is friends with Ricky and I don’t mind supporting friends!!
        I am considering canceling Birchbox after 2 years, I am getting products for the 3rd time now. Even though I am not interested in hair products, my last 2 boxes were half fulles with hair stuff. Ricky’s would be a good trade off.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. kelifornia79

        It’s pretty new! I’ve been subscribed since the first one, I think this was the 4th. They have been really cool…and for 11 bucks, free shipping, easily worth it. They ship early and super quick too, considering I’m across the US from them, and it’s the first beauty sub I get each month… and the packaging is great. Your husband is friends with him? That’s wild! I’m not even sure how I heard about the sub… I think Ricky’s NYC followed me on IG and liked some of my photos. I lived on the east coast years ago, but I’ve only visited NY, never lived there. Ricky’s seems like a cool place though. I subscribed to BB for more than 3, and only the incentives kept me around for so long. They just do not get enough new products…and I received the same things so many times. Hair products are not my thing either. I use hair oil, a weekly hair mask/treatment and dry shampoo, that’s it. I wash my hair once per week and use the same shampoo and conditioner despite any I try. I’m super low maintenance when it comes to hair…and I have too much hair for the little birchbox samples!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. hippylip

        Yes, my husband knows him, though I don’t know how much he’s involved with the store these days. I live in Philly but I’m in NYC a lot and I like the variety in Ricky’s. I’m glad you like their box!!!
        I’m hesitant about BB because of incentives but I agree, they rarely get new products. I have fine hair and use the same shampoo and conditioner 3 times a week. Sometimes I’ll try a sample but it never works like my own regimen. Ahhhh I wish I could wash once a week!
        Right now I have a shopping bag full of hair products. My next BBox has 4 hair products in it!!!!! I’m just wasting money. Lol

        Liked by 1 person

      4. kelifornia79

        Yea, definitely. Right after they took away the birchbox points/reviews and such, and one or two boxes directly prior, I got some really good, really tailored to me boxes….and then they went back to the same stuff again, so I finally pulled the plug.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. hippylip

        The same thing happened to me!!

        Liked by 1 person

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